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day three
Day three so far I woke up late.. I am always exhausted...  I think I have way to much on my mind, and at least trying to get my eating and my feelings about myself in check might be helpful overall... I am not hungry but I miss the act of knowing I was able to put whatever I wanted in my mouth, and with weight watchers I could eat cheesecake just had to count the points.. But I ask myself this with weight watchers was that ever really the right appraoch they gave you so many points that you could eat all the healthy stuff and cheesecake every day... Which i suppose we all knopw cheesecake or goddies or fiber one brownies or special k chips or even granola bars are not good every day dont we... But then they tell you you must eat this many points and they give you so many that if you only eat what its good you could never use them all..

I  don't know it makes sense if your body doesnt hate you like mine does...  ir ead allt hese blogs with womenw ith pcos sometimes I feel like wow even though my insides are completely messed up at least i have hair but not that bad or at least this and other times I get mad... like does it really make it easier knowing what you have when they know in essence there is nothing they can do for you.. why isnt more research ever alloted to this disease.. No unlike cancer it doesnt kill you right away.. instead it is with you lifelong.. giving you a WIDE variety of diesease and messing with your emotions and self esteem, and no one cares that you have it because you live with it forever...

but you must always have a smile on your face... its messed up...

Day three
so far I had one half of a cheese stick a shake witrh one scoop of protein powder only half a cup of soy milk and  3 oz of greek yogurt...  half of it anyways will have the other half at about 2:30 with the other half of the cheese stick.. Putting water in instead of the milk kinda made it taste not so good.. but oh well.. .. well updatye later...


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